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Our Accommodation

Our chalets offer five star accommodation for your cat. Whether you need a single, double or a family chalet, we can accommodate up to six cats from one family. Each chalet is individually heated and has an internal and external run, variety of scratch posts, climbing branches and raised sleeping points. The accommodation is fully ventilated and has relaxing music playing during the day.

The chalets are set within their own dedicated gardens which include views of the koi carp pond with water feature and an array of wildlife that visits our gardens.

This charming and relaxed environment contributes towards a 'village setting' providing a tranquil atmosphere which will allow your cat to both quickly settle and enjoy.

Rohese Cattery is licensed by Rother District Council Licensing Office as meeting the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Model License Conditions and Guidance.


Food & Medication

At Rohese we feed all cats with good quality dry and wet foods. A menu can be found on our booking form. However, special diets eg. Fish, chicken and veterinary foods must be supplied. If own food is provided there is no reduction in fees.

We are happy to administer medicines and insulin. An additional charge of £1 per day is charged for this service. We encourage owners to bring anything that will comfort the cat whilst they settle into their holiday accommodation.


Health & Hygiene

Our chalets are cleaned to a very high standard daily and disinfected & sanitised between bookings. This ensures the risk of any infection is minimised, protecting the wellbeing of your cat.

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